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Eriswell is a privately-owned partnership dedicated to exploiting investment opportunities which lie beyond the limits of mainstream forecasting techniques. Born out of one of Europe’s best-known investment groups, we have delivered strong risk-adjusted returns for over 27-years, returning an average of 9.28% per annum ahead of benchmark between 1993 and 2019. For more than a decade we have shared our investment ideas and strategies with some of the largest and most sophisticated investors in the world: asset managers, pension funds, wealth managers, hedge funds, sovereign entities, and high net worth individuals.

Senior Partners

Mark Managing Partner
Freedom from ideological dogma We are open to any hypotheses that can explain the facts, even those deemed impossible by others. We don’t believe there is a best way to invest, so we encourage the ability to think freely and continuously learn. A process supported by interactions with businesses, central banks, academics, and the wider public. Our passion is the identification of situations where conventional wisdom breaks down and where innovation can earn an advantage in information and time.
Performance We are proud of our long-term performance record. The search for alpha, by its nature, continually takes us into uncharted waters. Success therein depends upon clarity of objective, an open mind, and the right people to solve complex problems; all set within an environment that balances free- thinking, vigilance, and attention to detail.
Alignment with our clients We pay attention to delivering and implementing advice which is consistent with our clients’ investment goals and objectives. Markets are by their nature dynamic, requiring that advice also be dynamic or bespoke. Be it a macro development, a political event, or a stock specific factor, we paint a picture of what we are pursuing, where we hope to find it, and how we propose to monetise it for our clients.
Integrity To be open, accountable and responsive, while complying with both the letter and spirit of the law. This expectation of behaviour is mandatory for all staff. Our clients are our long- term business partners and we strive to do the right thing in the way they expect, the first time, every time.
Experience 27-year track record investment management and advisory
Mission 3-18 month advantage on major market events
Andrea Partner
Performance 9.28% return p.a. over benchmark since 1993

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