* UK total IFA/wealth management fees average 2.83% p.a. This could potentially reduce portfolio value by 43% every 20 years.
50% of savings and pensions can be lost* to fees alone every 20 years No hedge fund would stand for it. Why should you?
Behind the Curtains of the Asset Management Industry
Buying an active fund is worse than paying someone to play Roulette with your life savings. The data is clear: It tells a story of saver wealth destruction.
18 November 2021, Mark Page
Eriswell Capital Management Sneaky Financial Creation 2  FEE STACKING
We are delighted to share with you real-life examples of the parasitic creations we find sneaking around in the financial gloom, where they slowly eat your hard-earned savings and future happiness.
19 October 2021, Mark Page
Financial regulators repeatedly warn of unfair practices in the retail investment space: high fees, price clustering, poor advice, low transparency, and what not. But nothing compares to real-life examples.
14 September 2021, Mark Page
This note reveals how standard UK investment fees can gobble up almost half your money every 20 years, and two thirds of your pension over an average working life. A hedge fund would not stand for this. Why should you?
Industry standard fees alone will typically erode 43% of portfolio value every 20- years*. Add poor performance into the equation and a saver’s long-term financial wellbeing can be severely damaged.
21 July 2021, Andrea Badelt
23 June 2021, Andrea Badelt
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