Minds & Markets
Minds & Markets #6
28 January 2021, Matthew Machin
24 December 2020, Matthew Machin
This Christmas edition of our financial psychology series uses the science of honeybee behaviour as a framework to explain why trust in the financial services industry is at an all-time low.
The new Robinhood retail stock jockeys see anything they want to see. In fact, all of us are blindsided by beliefs, including hedge fund managers. What is to be done?
Investors are increasingly nervous of rising asset prices but not entirely sure why, other than a vague sense of dread and an uncanny feeling of déjà vu. We investigate….
15 January 2021, Matthew Machin
First in this series, we explore the possibilities afforded by two-level theories to resharpen conventional econometric and stock valuation models which have been bent and blunted by post-2008 zero interest rate dynamics.
14 December 2020, Matthew Machin
Focus on what is actually driving markets, not what should drive them in a utopian world. And remember, every bubble contains the seeds of truth and of future opportunities.
12 February 2021, Matthew Machin
9 April 2021, Matthew Machin
Experts are mostly abominable financial forecasters, bad at short-term forecasting, bad at long-term forecasting, bad at forecasting stock prices. Yet investors continue to rely on the experts, even when their track records suggest otherwise.
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Why Minds and Markets?

Demystifying the relationship

between psychology and finance

So important do we see the role of human psychology in forecasting asset prices today, since January 2021 Eriswell is running a series with the goal of helping you better understand the relationship between psychology and finance. Minds & Markets #5 Minds & Markets #4 Minds & Markets #3 Minds & Markets #2 Minds & Markets #1
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