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19 July 2022 INVESTING
Investors are seeing 10-20% losses across their portfolios as stocks have fallen while bond markets are suffering close to their worst year on record. Are the “buy and hold” stars aligned for renewed success?
17 April 2022 STOCK MARKETS
Everyone is entitled to their own belief systems and for many, weapon makers have morphed from pariahs into key public goods. Leaving the ESG-industry with some serious questions to answer about its shady role in Ukraine.
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23 August 2022 INVESTING
We find it implausible that central banks who approached 2022 at what in monetary terms was the speed of heat, would not have known the basic things they needed to do, to avoid a violent collision with inflation. What is out there that can kill us THROUGH the eyes of a hedge fund manager Advisory Services Advisory Services
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Advisory Services Advisory Services
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21 November 2022 INVESTING
The way the Truss Government fell should concern all who care about democracy.  We’re not denying that Liz Truss and her erstwhile Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng made serious mistakes, they did, but they nevertheless had a mandate of sorts for their manifesto. Find out more>  21 november 2022 bank of england or democracy?
11 August 2022 INVESTING
What age do you plan to retire?  Bouncy markets are nobody’s fault, but they happen’ and the risk must be factored in. False accuracy is dangerous.  It can ruin people’s lives.
UK PENSIONS: false accuracy damages liVes
THROUGH the eyes of a hedge fund manager
3 August 2022 INVESTING
Financial ‘experts’ prefer to explain how things ‘should be’, rather than questioning the way they are.  “Stick with it and prices will recover”, is the oft repeated response. But will they? how to outperform when  uncertainty is high THROUGH the eyes of a hedge fund manager
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